Information Processing Corporation

 IPC addresses the technology needs of today's most successful corporations and businesses. We have been creating innovative solutions since 1989 using state-of-the-art technology, experience, superior products, and excellent people. We are dedicated to solving our customers' problems and fulfilling their IT needs.

 IPC has been successful in navigating the changes that have occurred in business and technology over the past two decades, and our customers have been successful too.

Our proprietary products include: DP-RAMS, our resource accounting and billing solution; eTime Management, our time management solution that is Internet/Intranet based providing status reporting, billing and project management features; and our Contract Management system which provides an Internet/Intranet solution for managing corporate contracts, and our Intranet/Internet based Business Process Management solution.

In 2007 we added VoIP solutions to our business portfolio.  We have our own Asterisk based solution that employs both legacy and true VoIP technologies. We have over 25 installs and growing. Our solution is operational in single site environments, multi-site envionments and in call centers.

We are not the average IT/Software Development/Support company, we consider ourselves a customer service company. We just happen to use technology to achieve our service. We provide our customers an experienced technology partner that can provide products, programming, support and consultation. A partner that is there when our customers need us.

IPC provides services to multiple industries, from small to large companies. Our customers range from a small consignment store to Fortune 500 companies. At IPC the customer comes first.

Business Solutions Using Technology

How IPC can help your organization? Many ways. IPC provides three core services along with its world class proprietary systems.

Software Development and Support

 IPC has a proven track record of developing custom applications for corporations and businesses that are tired of maintaining outdated technology. Moreover, IPC customers find that the money they invest in the development of a custom application is recovered quickly, plus the boost in the productivity and efficiency achieved by the new application. IPC also provides adhoc programming services for small projects. We have experience in several industries: retail, banking, healthcare, project management, IT management, sports management, call centers and customer service.

ASP Hosting

We have helped our customers into the Internet age with custom programming services and hosting services for over 12 years. Our experience expands into all facets of successfully operating businesses online. From software to networking we have the experience it takes to make your business successful. All of IPC software products have an IPC hosted option, enabling you to concentrate on your business and leave the IT issues with us.

Software Products

IPC provides several proprietary products to industry. Each of these products provide our customers with core functionality to enable and expand their business goals. Please review our product offerings. Most are available under an ASP model.

What's New?

Mobile Apps! 

IPC is now developing apps for Apple and Android devices. 

Support Center

 Have a question? Need product support? Call 1-800-IPC-3427 or email us at

Building Solutions

Wary of offshore outsourcing, we think you should be. All of IPC's product development, product support and custom development is done here in the United States, in Dallas, TX. You do not have to worry about communication issues, poorly maintenanced code, accessing a developer or other nightmares associated with offshore development. Click here for more...


IPC provides our customers with hosted and onsite solutions with our software systems. To learn more about our products click here