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Contract Management

The contract is signed. All those months of presentations and negotiations are done and you can get to work on deliverables. But, what happens to the contract itself? Who is monitoring the terms and provisions? Are you staying in line with the commitments of the contract? How about that performance and review clause that is 30 months down the road. Can you remember that?

We can!

IPC's Contract Management System (CMS) is specifically designed to help internal and external counsel, corporate management and line managers to be aware of contract commitments and provide a repository to securely archive contracts and their amendments. Our proactive alert feature insures that people are aware of upcoming events. This feature also provides escalation when actions are not acknowledged. That means if someone has left the company, is on vacation or leave, or just out of the office the alert system will escalate to the next highest manager or executive.

CMS is an central repository that can handle multiple offices around the country or around the globe. It is Internet based, with document scanning over the Internet, which enables corporate and remote offices to have access to contracts. We also offer OCR and a powerful search engine that allows the users to search for words or phrases across all documents, not just search in a single document. The results provide the user with a list of documents and the pages where the word or phase was found.

CMS can provide your company with peace of mind that attention to detail is accomplished and will reduce the costs of clerks and paper based storage.


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