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Call Center and Company VoIP Solutions

Information Processing Corporation (IPC) provides your organization with a VoIP based platform that can integrate existing legacy lines and VoIP using your current Internet connectivity. This is a robust solution that is ready for Call Center environments and provides your organization with the ability to manage your agents in multiple queues, across business lines and customers with the call information needed manage your environment. Whether your Call Center is 20 agents or 200 agents, SecurePBX can provide you with a VoIP based solution that will lower your telecommunications cost across the board. The use of soft phones can additionally reduce capital and maintenance costs.

Our solution will also allow you to interconnect multi-site operations, call everyone over the Internet just using an extension. 

VoIP benefits have been well documented over the past two years and as the technology has matured it has become a dependable solution for business needs. Reliability, accessibility and cost reduction make VoIP technology solutions one the "must have" technologies for business today. The ability to integrate VoIP services in other applications (bill payment, outbound dialing, etc.) enables you to extend the effectiveness of current applications that you use in your business today. IPC is developing these solutions for your business today.



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