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eTime Management System - For effective time management and billing


Information Processing Corporation’s (IPC) eTime Management System is an Internet/Intranet solution that provides 24/7 availability from anywhere an employee has access to the Internet.

eTime offers time accounting and billing, status reports, time sheets and managerial review of personnel’s usage of time on projects and tasks. eTime reduces the time and billing lags in obtaining project hours and status from employees. eTime’s powerful status reporting features allow managers to view the actual work recorded at a task level for each employee at project and customer levels. Using an electronic signature, managers can approve status reports for billing.

There is a wide range of reports produced with eTime that provide managers, HR departments and accounting departments with the information necessary to manage and bill customers for employee time. The Report Wizard allows users to create and save their own reports.

eTime also supports the needs of multiple industries, from programmers to network engineers, engineering to law firms. Anytime you need documentation of services performed and billing information then you need IPC's eTime Management System.

Projects and tasks can be added online as the need arises, given the proper security of the user. This feature improves accuracy for special professions like IT network services where you cannot predict the next problem that needs to be resolved.

IPC’s eTime Management software can be a stand-alone solution or an add-on to IPC’s DP-RAMS Billing Solution. This provides companies with a convergent billing or chargeback solution. The comprehensive combination of DP-RAMS and eTime is unmatched!

IPC’s eTime Management System provides an effective solution to time and billing for companies that are on the go.


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