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BPM Online


All companies agree that they need Business Process Management, however most CFO’s and CIO’s cringe when they think of the time and costs of implementing a BPM solution. Not to mention the ongoing costs of maintaining a solution.

Most BPM solutions are complex and operate only in the vendor specified environment. This adds costs to both implementation and maintenance. Complexity adds costs in implementation, training and ongoing definition of processes. Most large BPM systems fail to provide ROI due to complexity and the system was not originally designed for the purpose of which it is sold. BPM is just a marketing tag! How many times do you see this with large software companies who address new business paradigms with marketing literature and name changes versus making modifications to their solution? At Information Processing Corporation we have developed a system that is easily implemented, maintained and it expands as your business and usage requires. 

BPMOnline is a flexible, dynamic business process management solution that will enable you to define standard business processes/practices that will be used throughout your organization. BPMOnline enables your staff and consultants to spend time on documenting and implementing “best practices” into your organization.

BPMOnline is a browser based solution enabling you to deploy it with multiple offices and across multiple business partners. Its notification facility promptly emails users when their attention is required, and it also provides daily reminders to help manage users. Simplicity in its design makes business process templates easy to define and change. No programming is required!

The same template can be used across departments, divisions and even customers or vendors. We use it with our customers for change management and service requests! BPMOnline can provide you with an electronic manager for many purposes.

Hiring and Termination, Purchasing, IT Management, Paperwork Processing (contracts, orders, documents, etc.), Customer Service. There is no need for six month implementations and hundreds of thousands of dollars for consulting costs, BPMOnline can be learned within days and implemented just as fast. IPC’s SaaS model provides you with your own secure instance of BPMOnline hosted on our servers in Dallas, accessible using your desktop via the Internet.

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Purchasing Options for BPMOnline

 Do you want BPMOnline as an in-house solution. IPC will license and install BPMOnline on your servers. Contact us about this option at BPMOnline In-House Solution.




Companies using BPM include:

Legacy Health Partners
Waterbury Hospital
Appliance Warehouse
Sports Marketing Australia

and of course IPC.