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Omni Sports Management (OSM) is a web based sports administration system that provides resourceful administrators with the means to create and manage any sport from top to bottom. Communication is the key to success in any organization, and OSM users have the ability to effectively communicate with associations and members from the national level to the local level. Our top down approach enables each level of the organization to accurately set, collect and distribute necessary funds, including membership and event registrations fees.

OSM provides our winning client partners with 7 feature-rich components that allow comprehensive customized functionality for their specific needs. More than a content management tool, OSM is a thoughtfully designed, developed and tested system that provides a customized look and feel to sport organizations. OSM streamlines sports administration with a web based system formulated to manage finances, participants, leagues, events and clubs. Omni Sports Management is a fully integrated solution.

IPC's OSM websites are tested and are compliant with the remote vulnerability audit requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Visa USA’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), Visa International’s Account Information Security (AIS) program, MasterCard International’s Site Data Protection (SDP) program, the American Express Data Security Standards (DSS), and Discover Card’s DISC program.


Major Components of Omni Sports Management

Registration Management


Registration is one of the major revenues for a sport, if not its primary. It also poses several challenges; ease of use, availability, collections, pricing, funds distribution and accounting. OSM provides a feature rich solution to managing registration at both individual and team levels.

Omni Sports Management provides a flexible method of creating, pricing and administrating membership and competition fees. These fees can be broken down to the lowest levels (ie. insurance, field maintenance, etc.) for reporting and funds distribution. Fees can be assigned at multiple levels (i.e. organization, association/state, district/zone, clubs, league, team, event, tournament) and be financially managed. The end user (team or participant) will only see a single registration fee.

Emails are sent to the registrant upon payment (if immediate) or upon acceptance of their registration. These emails are sent from the email address specified by you.

League Management

League Management provides a League or Association Director with a tool to create and manage any team sport league. This component allows a director to define fields, associate fields and time slots to specific age groups, and then it will automatically create the schedule! League Management also provides the director with individual or team registration, automatic emails allowing managers or coaches to fill out rosters, parents or participants to fill out their details, print rosters and much more. It also has back end card processing, financial reporting, participant management, and email manager (that sends messages with attachments to one recipient, a select group, or all members).

 Club Management

Club Management provides an integrated solution for a sport that offers their clubs the same feature-rich solution. Clubs can register members and volunteers. They can also create social memberships to extend club participation to individuals not playing the sport. Yes, get the fans involved! The system provides for the management of fees, online registration, rosters and more. It also has back end card processing, financial reporting, participant management, and email manager (that sends messages with attachments to one recipient, a select group, or all members).

Event Management

Creating and managing Events is easy with OSM - Event Manager. We provide a simple process for you to create an event website/brochure that lets you define the event, its competitions, sponsors, fees and registration process. 

OSM Event Manager provides pre-event and post-event reporting, Email Manager (send emails about event), resend receipts and scan registrants upon arrival.

The major features of OSM - Event Manager are:

Complete registration management for the event

Ability to customize look (colors, images, content, etc.) of your registration 'Brochure'.


Accounting reports for collected registration and product revenue

Ability to sell products at the time of registration


Ability to report on attendees


Email Manager to send emails to current, previous or uploaded email lists. Beacon used to get open results.


Ability to have multiple classes for each event, each of which can be defined by age group and/or gender


Check-in Process to speed up registrant entry.  


Ability to use a scanner with the OSM - App to read a bar-code on the persons virtual card, or off their receipt.


Phone Apps

Every Omni Sports Management client will have access to an Android and iOS App that can be distributed to your membership.  And, rather than us guessing what you would like to see in your App, we have made it flexible enough so you can add content yourself.

The App has two statuses - 'Not Logged In' and 'Logged In'.  As a base, the 'Not Logged In' status has a 'Login' button and a 'Contact Us' button (which contains information about your organization).  The 'Logged In' status has a 'Virtual Membership Card' and a 'Contact Us' button.

Depending on your organization, we can provide other modules to add to your App - Profile, Memberships, Leagues, Events and so forth.  Adding these to your app is as simple as dragging the module from the available list to the App Image.  To add your own content or modules, give them a name and what text you want on the button and enter the URL of the content. Then just drag that to the App Image.  Immediately, all the members apps on their devices are updated with the new content.

One of the key modules in the App is the Virtual Card.  This is available to a member when they are logged in to the App.  It shows the information on that person, their membership, qualifications and accreditations as well as a Bar Code which can be scanned with the Event Manager 'Check In' function to facilitate Event Check In.

The App also includes 'Notifications' so that you can send notifications to people with the app easily from many places within Omni Sports Management.  For example, if your league has a late start on one day, you can send a notification from the Leagues module - directly to the App that will show up for those members with the App on their phone.

Features Include:

  • Standard screens such as Virtual Card, Contact US, etc.
  • Add Pages from your own website or others
  • OSM custom pages built specifically for your sport





Membership Portal

OmniSportsManagement ensures that your members are able to get accurate and current information about what is happening in their sport in their own membership portal.  They can use the portal to maintain their demographic information, renew or obtain memberships and licenses and register for events or competitions.  In addition, members can view receipts for any financial transactions they have had with your sport and maintain their payment methods in our secure PCI Certified environment, making purchase of memberships, licenses, renewals, or other items secure and very easy.

Coaches and Officials can use the membership portal to maintain the currency of their certifications as well as viewing events or competitions they are taking part in.

The Membership Portal has an in-built Member Store where members can purchase items from entities within your sport.  

The major features of the OSM - Member Portal are:

  • Friendly and easy to use
  • Complete sport interaction history all in one place
  • Members can easily obtain or renew
    • Club or State memberships
    • Licenses
    • Coach or Official certifications
    • Payment History
    • Event or Competition entry
  • Full Payment History
  • Secure payment card storage
  • Results links from Events or Competitions
  • Member Store - sport wide
  • Official and Coach registration and management.
  • Sport Specific information
  • Alerts on Renewals that are coming up