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Software Development and Support


Is the system that operates your business held together by a piece of string?

Can you easily enhance your system as your business grows?

Are "canned" products not addressing your specific business needs?

Are "in-house" or consultancy services not delivering or are they price prohibitive?

It may be time to consider a new system designed for your specific requirements.  A system that offers you an open environment with growth capabilities.

IPC has a proven track record of developing custom applications for corporations and businesses that are tired of maintaining outdated technology.  Moreover, IPC customers typically find that the cost they invest (ROI) in the development of a custom application is recovered, plus more, in the productivity and efficiency boost achieved by the new application in a very short time period. Especially if that system is designed and developed with long term usage in mind.

As a Microsoft Solutions Provider, IPC develops state-of-the-art client server, Internet and Intranet applications that operate using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft.Net.  This homogeneous environment offers you considerable growth potential and an open architecture compatible with other Microsoft core products.

IPC takes an interactive approach to custom application development.  We sit down, eye to eye, with your your Team to insure we understand your requirements. This way we integrate into your Team to develop the solution your business needs. We use a proven project development cycle where you are involved in every step of the way.  Our development cycle includes the following steps:

   Business Requirements -

We start with analyzing your current system and processes.  From this research, we keep what works for you and offer different approaches to address problem areas.   The final product of this stage is a business requirements document that outlines the high level requirements that the new system must achieve.

   Functional Design -

We document each system function and how each function relates to the system as a whole. At this stage we address the user, data and deployment needs necessary for your system to be flexible, comprehensive and usable.

   Detail Design -

We define the system database, screens and detail data flows.  We document all system messages, programs specifications and system architecture.

   Development -

IPC programs the system defined in the Detail Design.  Extensive unit testing is performed.

   Quality Assurance Testing -

IPC installs the system onsite and performs integration and quality assurance testing with the customers' employees. Problems are returned to the programmers for updates and additional testing. 

   Implementation -

IPC delivers and installs the system throughout the corporation and transitions other data and functionality to the user base.

   Ongoing Support-

IPC provides our customers with ongoing support of their customer applications that include technical support, user support, technology upgrades (transition to new operating environments) and business support to upgrade the system with future enhancements as your business changes and grows.

IPC has developed custom applications for publicity traded corporations, such as Affiliated Computer Services ("ACS"), and for small businesses, and other large companies such as CSC Service Works, PHNS (IT services and Outsourcing). We can help you move from an outdated technology to a systems solution for a prosperous future.